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the sun

I AM so grateful for the sun this day… stretching out my arms wide and tilting my head back.

i missed you.

and your warm embrace.

Your love brings a surge of light up my spine exploding into the heavens to mingle with starlight cold and clear far beyond near.

I want to be you and you be me.

Together intermingling we wrap this earth in a cloud of rainbow love.

Dry fresh fluffs of snow puff with my powdery steps as I plod to gaze on icicle row, melting.

They are dripping with transformation.

I am grateful to be changing too.

You see me through the darkness.
The promise of your sweet rise at dawn.

Your love causes me to bloom after the cold of night
and to throw off rose scent and golden-hued light…

If only each day I can remember to dedicate my life, my body, my home to you and your bright cause.

Today I remember!
and smile in gratitude.

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Lillian Allen - Dub Poet

"shine hope each day!"

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picture HD

by George Maciunas, 1963.


by George Maciunas, 1963.

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a new day, a blank page
sunshine, warm & free

wildflower creek flowing…
a kind whisper, a gentle breeze

leaves floating,
a toddler … toddling

padded footsteps, unsteady

light reflects off water green
a kaleidoscope of gray upon slate

crickets buzz low overtones
while blue jays zoom in swoops and shrieks

I dip a toe in cold pool and feel the bite
that comes with snow melt.


my foot leaves a mossy print on algae finger
pointing to deeper pool


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